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Info RISM was an annual newsletter published from 1989 to 2001 by the RISM Zentralredaktion in Frankfurt am Main. It contained information about new RISM publications and projects, described working strategies and rare collections, and reported on the work of RISM national working groups. Nos. 1-10 were printed and no. 11/12 was only available online.

PDFs of the entire series is now available. The text is in English and German with some parts in French and Italian.


<media 395 _blank external-link-new-window>No. 1, 1989</media>: Introduction, Libretti, the Zentralredaktion

<media 396 _blank external-link-new-window>No. 2, 1990</media>: Editorial, meet the staff, computers in the Zentralredaktion, RISM-US libretto project, notes from Germany, Italy and Spain

<media 397 _blank external-link-new-window>No. 3, 1991</media>: Changes in staff and board of directors, composer research, notes from Spain

<media 398 _blank external-link-new-window>No. 4, 1992</media>: Reports from various working groups, lute music

<media 399 _blank external-link-new-window>No. 5, 1993</media>: Sources in Germany and Italy, RISM in Eastern Europe, RISM's database, libretti questionnaire

<media 400 _blank external-link-new-window>No. 6/7, 1995/96</media>: Series A/II on CD-ROM, news from Belgium, Croatia, the Czech Republic, and Spain

<media 401 _blank external-link-new-window>No. 8, 1997</media>: RISM series online, news from Austria, Croatia, Minsk, and Switzerland

<media 402 _blank external-link-new-window>No. 9, 1998</media>: Barry Shelley Brook in memoriam, libretti in Austria, the Czech Republic, Italy,  Russia, and the US

<media 403 _blank external-link-new-window>No. 10, 1999</media>: RISM in Spain, composers' letters, the music department of the National Library of the Ukraine, Retrospective Joint Catalog of Russian Music Editions, collections in Gdansk, 19th century Swiss composers

<media 404 _blank external-link-new-window>No. 11/12, 2000/2001</media>: RISM in France since 1990, music in Toulouse, music collections in Flanders, thematic catalogs in Bohemia and Moravia, UK materials in A/II