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Umstellung von Kallisto in Unicode

Nach der Umstellung des Erfassungssystems Kallisto ist es notwendig, für die weitere Arbeit an den Musikquellen die Client Version 5.34 zu installieren. Nach dem Update der Version sollten anschließend einige Optionen gesetzt werden.



New client version 5.34 for Kallisto available

Die neue Version 5.34 des Kallisto-Clients ist Vorraussetzung, um die Unicode-Umstellung des  Kallisto-Servers nutzen zu können. Gleichzeitig wurden einige Programmfehler behoben. Diese neue Version kann sofort eingesetzt werden.

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Interface for SPK Digital

RISM is glad to announce that daily-updated MARCXML-records from D-B (Staatsbibliothek zu Berlin) and D-Bsa (Sing-Akademie zu Berlin) are now available for the SPK Digital project. 

Access to these records is provided by URI and protected by User/Password-combination. Maybe this could be a model how libraries und digitalisation projects can use RISM data for indexing and cataloging musical sources.



Since March 2011, RISM has been publishing the PND numbers of composers in PND-Beacon format every month along with the update of the online catalogue.

With PND-Beacon, academic institutions and databases like Wikipedia or the Deutsche Biographie have access to musical sources of the respective composers in RISM. Validation of identity is managed by the PND number.

A description of the PND-Beacon format is available at Wikipedia; the RISM PND-Beacon can be found here.


Import of MARC21 Records

In 2010, RISM received nearly 60,000 records from the British Library in MARC21 format. This is the first time that RISM used a standard bibliographic format for import.

Currently these records are accessible in the Kallisto system, where they are checked for correspondence with RISM rules and indices. 

It is our intention to publish 300 records from Dublin (sigla IRL-*) in the RISM OPAC before the IAML conference in the same city. It also could be possible to make a PDF catalogue of these records and maybe a physical printout as a giveaway for visitors.

We expect other import projects of records from RISM-CH (probably this year), RISM-France (which, however, is in UNIMARC) and probably Spain. 

Data services

Open Data and Linked Open Data

Nearly all of the records may be downloaded as open data and linked open datain MARC XML and RDF format under a Creative Commons CC-BY license atopac.rism.info. In addition to data on musical sources, you will find authority files for people and corporate bodies, and bibliographic data for catalogs of works and secondary literature.  Continue


PDF Export

In the past, RISM had a web form with access to generate PDF printouts of records (example). With the new website at RISM.info this web form was not transferred. Additionally, the PDF export function has been improved, especially concerning the indices. Also from a technical point of view, the catalogue now is generated by slower SQL statements, not by XSLT (or similar technology) of MARC XML.

It is our aim to publish an updated web form with the actual SQL technology as soon as possible and to develop it for XSLT at the beginning of 2012.

Contact: Stephan Hirsch