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New at RISM: Peter Grønland @ RISM

Everybody is talking about Franz Liszt’s 200th birthday this month. But it is not only him who has a celebration in October 2011. Peter Grønland, a Danish composer 50 years older than Liszt, is also observing a milestone birthday.


Events: Workshop on Kallisto

For describing musical sources, RISM has developed the database program Kallisto. It is offered to RISM working groups and individuals who want to contribute to the RISM database. Records made by means of the program will be added directly to the RISM online catalogue with the next update. To...


New publications: New Brochure “RISM: An Overview”

The brochure “RISM: An Overview” was fully revised and was published in July 2011, right in time for the IAML conference in Dublin.


New at RISM: Christian Gotthilf Tag @ RISM

Christian Gotthilf Tag (2 April 1735 – 19 July 1811) was a notable German cantor, organist, and composer of the 18th century. Although his influence was only felt in Saxony, a variety of copies and commissions from Hamburg, Berlin, and Danzig have lead to his works being preserved today throughout...


Rediscovered: Cantatas from Blankenburg (Harz) in the Wolfenbüttel regional church archives

Ca. 95 previously unknown church cantata manuscripts


Library collections: RISM Metadata in Digital Collections

The University of Washington Library (US-Su) is the first library in the United States to undertake a project in which RISM metadata are harvested for use in digital collections.


New publications: New Volume Published in the Music Manuscripts in Germany Series

Since 2009, the RISM Germany working group and the RISM Zentralredaktion have published catalogs in their series Music Manuscripts in Germany (Musikhandschriften in Deutschland). Based in part on records from the RISM database, the catalogs are geared toward the holding institutions and their...


Library collections: Holdings of the Berlin Sing-Akademie Cataloged

The complete archival holdings of the Berlin Sing-Akademie have been cataloged. The collection, which is of high importance to musicians and musicologists, was believed to be lost after the Second World War but was discovered in the Ukraine in 1999. In 2001, it was returned to the Berlin State...


New at RISM: Johannes Tinctoris @ RISM

Not much is known about the life of Johannes Tinctoris, although he was the most famous music theorist of his time. What is known is the year of his death, even if the exact date is unclear: Tinctoris died before 12 October 1511—500 years ago. This son of a magistrate was born Jehan de Taintenier...


RISM online catalog, New at RISM, New publications: New Version of RISM’s Online Catalog with Incipit Search Released

A new version of the OPAC for the International Inventory of Musical Sources (RISM) was released at the end of March 2011. New features in this version are a music incipit search, links to digital objects, and various minor improvements, including display of holding libraries in cases of ownership...


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