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RISM Brochures

RISM: An Overview

RISM: An Overview is a 14-page, full-color brochure that describes RISM's goals, projects, and organization. It is available free of charge to anyone who is interested.

The brochure is available in six bilingual editions. High-resolution files are available upon request.

  • <media 948 - - "TEXT, RISM Broschuere April 2015, 20150410_RISM_Broschuere_NEU-1_FINAL.pdf, 3.6 MB">German-English</media> (PDF; last updated: April 2015)
  • <media 1274 - - "TEXT, RISM brochure Traditional Chinese 2017 compressed, RISM_brochure_Traditional_Chinese_2017_compressed.pdf, 5.8 MB">Traditional Chinese-English</media> (PDF; last updated: 2017)
    Translated by WU Xu, CHANG Hok-yan, HAN Bin, TSENG Tzu-Chia, Judy TSOU, and Nora YEH
  • <media 1273 - - "TEXT, RISM brochure Simplified Chinese 2017 compressed, RISM_brochure_Simplified_Chinese_2017_compressed.pdf, 4.9 MB">Simplified Chinese-English</media> (PDF; last updated: 2017)
    Translated by  WU Xu, CHANG Hok-yan, HAN Bin, TSENG Tzu-Chia, Judy TSOU, and Nora YEH
  • <media 1345 - - "TEXT, RISM brochure English Portuguese web version, RISM_brochure_English_Portuguese_web_version.pdf, 1.7 MB">Portuguese-English</media> (PDF; last updated: 2017)
    Translated by Beatriz Magalhães Castro and Sílvia Sequeira
  • <media 579 - - "TEXT, RISM Broschuere English Russian, RISM_Broschuere_English_Russian.pdf, 512 KB">Russian-English</media> (PDF; last updated: 2012)
    Translated by Felix Purtow
  • <media 1227 - - "TEXT, RISM Broschuere EN-ESP, RISM_Broschuere_EN-ESP.pdf, 496 KB">Spanish-English</media> (PDF; last updated: 2016)
    Translated by John G. Lazos

If you want professionally printed copies of the brochure, also at no charge, please contact us: contact@rism.info. Let us know how many you want and in what language. Feel free to request some copies to share with your colleagues, other staff or faculty members, and students.




Data Services

RISM offers interested libraries and institutions numerous supplemental opportunities for data analysis or to use the data in other projects. Please have a look at the Data Services page or you may <media 688 - - "TEXT, rism datendienste-ed H klein, rism_datendienste-edH_klein.pdf, 534 KB">download the brochure here</media>.