Critical Editions of Unpublished Music Manuscripts from the Royal Conservatory of Brussels (B-Bc)

We have received the following from Olivia Wahnon de Oliveira (Conservatoire royal de Bruxelles):

The Royal Conservatory of Brussels (B-Bc) is pleased to let you know about its critical editing work with Castejon-Music-Editions.

Every year an unpublished manuscript preserved in the library is published in the series "Collection du Conservatoire royal de Bruxelles."

The goal of the Brussels Royal Conservatory Collection is twofold: to make the library’s treasure trove of unknown musical works available to the public, and to support the pedagogical mission of the institution. In fact, some of the works published in this series are objects of study done in a seminar for master’s degree students in the field of early music. The aim of the course is to validate the research and study of sources through the preparation of a critical edition of an unpublished manuscript. The best of the resulting work is then chosen and revised by a professor. Each year, a concert called "Trésors de la bibliothèque" is organized: the unpublished music of the Library by the students.

Eight scores of interesting musical works have already been published. 

These are yours to discover!

1. BACH, C.-P.-E., 6 Sonate per il Cembalo Obligato con accompagnate un B. Clarinett e un Fagott / Duett für 2 Clarinetten, 2015.
Manuscripts B-Bc 6359, B-Bc 5522

2. DE CROES, H.-J., Concerto primo a Flauto Traverso, Violino obligato, Violino secondo, Alto viola e Basso, 2015.
Manuscript B-Bc 33.759/1

3. FASCH, J. F., Canonische Sonate in F-Dur : für Blockflöte, Fagott & Basso Continuo, 2012.
Manuscript B-Bc 14.590

4. FETIS, F.-J., 3 Morceaux de Concours pour Ensemble de Saxophones (1867-1871), 2014.
Manuscripts B-Bc ARC-M-99/1-4

5. FILS, Anton, Flauto Solo : Sonata in Sol Maggiore per Flauto traverso e basso, 2017.
Manuscript B-Bc 24.567

6. FILS, Anton, Oboe solo : Sonata in do minore per Oboe e Basso Continuo, 2017.
Manuscript B-Bc 24.567

7. VAN HELMONT, C.-J., Cantate Domino / Adeste Gentes. Motetto a Basso Solo con 3 Strumenti obligati, 2016.
Manuscript B-Bc 33.937

8. ZARTH, Georg, Solo a Flauto Traverso con Cembalo, 2019.
Manuscript B-Bc 13.365


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