Insect of the Year 2019: Red Mason Bee

The Red Mason Bee was chosen as the 2019 Insect of the Year by the environmental organization NABU for Germany, Austria, and Switzerland. It is the most common mason bee in Germany.

When we think about bees, we usually think of the busy honey bee. But there are actually many species of bees. Not all of them live in colonies. They are often solitary. 

In the RISM catalog, we find bees that buzz in German, English, and Italian ;-)

There are 71 entries for Biene.

English bees are best found through the Advanced Search in the field Title, though the search is made more difficult by the archaic spelling of the verb be.

The Italian bee “l'ape” can be found about 50 times in the RISM catalog.

We are looking forward to the bees next spring!

Image: Johann David Heinichen, Le nozze di Nettuno e di Teti, D-Dl Mus.2398-L-4 (RISM ID no.: 212006372)




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