Second Muscat Workshop in Prague

Zuzana Petrášková, the leader of the RISM Czech Republic national working group, organized a Muscat workshop from 27 to 29 November 2017 at the National Library of the Czech Republic in Prague. A Muscat workshop had previously been held there in November 2016.

A total of ten people participated in the workshop, which was led by Guido Kraus of the RISM Central Office in Frankfurt. Members of RISM Czech Republic and three new contributors from RISM Slovakia were in attendance, including Dr. Janka Petőczová from the Institute of Musicology of the Solvak Academy of Sciences in Bratislava. Dr. Petőczová will be working with the collection of the Protestant church in Levoča (SK-Le) with a focus on the local music tradition there.

Dr. Martina Božeková and Marcel Jánošík were present from the Slovak National Library (SK-Msnk) in Martin. Previously, only smaller parts of collections in Martin had been documented in RISM. Both contributors will catalog the rest of the RISM-relevant music materials housed at the national library.

The following projects are being started in the Czech Republic:

  • Jiří Vincenc Mikuláš is processing the collection of the parish church Kostel povýšení sv. Kříže (Church of the Exaltation of the Holy Cross) in Litomyšl (CZ-LLk). Many works by Vincenc Mašeks can be found there.

  • Ludmila Mikulášová will start with the collection of the Děkanský kostel sv. Jana Křtitele (Church of St. John the Baptist) in Teplice (CZ-TEk).

The following projects are being continued:

  • Libor Kvasnička continues to document the historic music collection of the conservatory in Prague (CZ-Pk). So far, 3,255 entries are in the RISM online catalog for music manuscritps and printed music.

  • Jana Fojtíková, Stefania Demska, and Karel Veverka are processing the collection of the National Library of the Czech Republic (CZ-Pu) together; such a large institution regularly has new acquisitions through purchases or donations.

  • Marc Niubo and Lucie Havránková are currently finishing cataloging work of the Minorite Convent in Prague (CZ-Psj). Marc Niubo will carry out a scholarly appraisal of the collection after cataloging is complete.

  • Martina Kostková is cataloging the collection of the Bohuslav Horak Museum in Rokycany (CZ-RO).

  • Markéta Králová is working on the music collection of the regional archives in Český Krumlov (CZ-K).


Photos courtesy of Guido Kraus.


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