A Musical Guide to the World Cup

Louis Adam, Group C

Anna Lucia Bon, Group C

Marcello Bernardini, Group B

Summer can officially begin! The World Cup is here. Tonight is the first game of the 2018 World Cup, in which the men's teams of 32 nations will compete for the ultimate prize in soccer.

We're starting the group stage with a look at the musical sources for each of the qualifying nations. Countries from North and South America, Europe, and Asia, as well as Australia are well represented in both the RISM online catalog and the RISM directory of library sigla. There are some nations where we only know of institutions that hold resources related to the study of music: Costa Rica, Egypt, Iceland, Iran, Peru, and Serbia—these are all listed in the sigla directory. Unfortunately, we have neither sources nor institutions for Morocco, Nigeria, Panama, Saudi Arabia, Senegal, and Tunisia. If any of our readers have tips for these countries, we'd be happy to have them.

To search for musical sources in a particular country, use the Advanced search and select Library siglum. Enter the country code followed by a hyphen and an asterisk in order to find all the sources in the country. (The country codes follow international vehicle registration codes.)

For example, a search for RUS-* will find all sources in host nation Russia:


What team are you rooting for? The musical tournament begins! Behind each of these links are decades of work and research from our national groups worldwide who have made the RISM project so international.

Group A

Russia: Search RUS-* to find 6,500 sources
Saudi Arabia: not yet in RISM
Egypt: No sources in the catalog, but 3 institutions listed in the RISM Sigla Directory (search ET)
Uruguay: Search ROU-* to find 21 sources in RISM

Group B

Portugal: Search P-* to find 4,300 sources in RISM
Spain: Search E-* to find 8,700 sources in RISM
Morocco: No sources in RISM yet
Iran: No sources in the catalog yet, but 32 institutions listed in the RISM Sigla Directory (search IR)

Group C

France: Search F-* to find 26,300 sources in RISM
Australia: Search AUS-* to find 850 sources in RISM
Peru: No sources in RISM yet, but a handful of institutions listed in the RISM Sigla Directory (search PE)
Denmark: Search DK-* to find 10,800 sources in RISM

Group D

Argentina: Search RA-* to find the first sources in RISM from this country
Iceland: No sources in RISM yet, but just two institutions listed in the RISM Sigla Directory (search IS)
Croatia: Search HR-* to find 9,300 sources in RISM
Nigeria: Alas, no sources in RISM!

Group E

Brazil: Search BR-* to find 450 sources in RISM
Switzerland: Search CH-* to find 67,700 sources in RISM
Costa Rica: No sources in RISM yet, but just one institution listed in the RISM Sigla Directory (search CR)
Serbia: No sources in RISM yet, but just a handful of institutions listed in the RISM Sigla Directory (search SRB)

Group F

Germany: Search D-* to find 483,000 sources in RISM
Mexico: Search MEX-* to find 550 sources in RISM
Sweden: Search S-* to find 39,000 sources in RISM
South Korea: Search ROK-* to find 2,000 sources in RISM

Group G

Belgium: Search B-* to find 44,000 sources in RISM
Panama: Alas, no sources in RISM!
Tunisia: No sources in RISM here either!
England: Search GB-* (all sources on the island) to find 118,000 sources in RISM

Group H

Poland: Search PL-* to find 43,000 sources in RISM
Senegal: Alas, no sources in RISM!
Colombia: Search CO-* to find a handful of sources in RISM
Japan: Search J-* to find 1,600 sources in RISM

Ready for kickoff!

Louis Adam, autograph manuscript from Morceau de Musique pour le piano, Bibliothèque nationale de France (F-Pn Mus. Ms. 2926), RISM ID no. 840000047.
Anna Lucia Bon, 6 Sonate per il Flauto Traversiere, Det Kongelige Bibliotek på Slotsholmen (DK-Kk (mu 6210.2526)), RISM ID no. 150205024.
Marcello Bernardini, from Li tre Orfei (1788), Biblioteca Nacional de España (E-Mn MC/4430/74), RISM ID no. 100400001.



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