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The RISM data—all 1.1 million musical sources, plus over 200,000 authority files—are available as linked data and linked open data for anyone to use, manipulate, explore, and research. We would like to call your attention to two recent initiatives that make use of the RISM data.

The Edirom Summer School will be offering a course called "Mining Music Data – Arbeiten mit RISM-Daten" from 5 to 6 September 2019, taught by Johannes Kepper, Axel Ngonga, and Laurent Pugin (of RISM Switzerland). The RISM data will be used to provide an introduction to data mining techniques and will touch on SPARQL and other music-specific questions. Registration information is available here

The music database Rondo DB contains data about composers, performers, ensembles, pieces, and venues. One of the developers, Mickaël Arcos, has taken the RISM authority data for names and integrated them into the database. Rondo DB now links to RISM. For example, the entry for Clara Schumann includes a link to the person in the RISM catalog and in VIAF, and the entry for Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart additionally includes a link to the GND. Mickaël has recently written a blog post about his experiences importing and using the RISM name authorities, which you can read about on the Musidata blog: Matching Entities, a Generic Algorithm.


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