The Fifth Field

Here's a trick to help you get more out of searching in the RISM online catalog. You might not have even noticed it before.

In our online survey, we heard from many of you that you wish you could add more search fields in the Advanced search. Well, you can, in a way—through the Fifth Field.

If you start an advanced search, you have three fields plus the field that is controlled by the keyboard for incipits.

Let's say you search for Haydn quartets in D...

Advanced search

...but you don't find what you need. Go back to the advanced search and a fifth field has appeared! All of your previous searches from the session are saved here.

Fifth field

You can select your Haydn quartets in D, but now add a fourth element, such as sources in Austria.

Fifth field with more search terms

And after you return again to the advanced search, you can continue to take advantage of your previous search terms. It's like adding extra search fields to your search.

Watch this short video to see the fifth field in action:


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