The European Capitals of Culture 2017: Paphos and Aarhus

The cities of Paphos, Cyprus and Aarhus, Denmark are the two European Capitals of Culture in 2017.

Paphos is located in the southwest corner of Cyprus and offers visitors countless ancient treasures. Among these are magnificent mosaic floors from Roman times and the Temple of Aphrodite in Old Paphos. Unfortunately we don't yet have any musical sources from Paphos or Cyprus in RISM, but somewhere there's bound to be some unimagined treasures waiting to be roused from their slumber…

The university city of Aarhus is the second-largest city in Denmark and one of the oldest Nordic cities. It was founded by the Vikings more than 1,200 years ago.

The motto of Aarhus 2017 is Let's rethink and incorporates a new approach to thinking that is "a mindset for change, innovation and courage, a progressive way of thinking and acting smarter." A goal is to look for "new practices, new ways of forming partnerships, new business models and new concepts of growth" to transform the Central Denmark Region into a cultural laboratory.

The Statsbiblioteket in Aarhus (which merged with the Royal Library in Copenhagen this January) has 516 entries in the RISM online catalog (DK-A), mostly printed music from series A/I. The manuscripts and prints offer a colorful cross section through music history in the eighteenth century. Among the manuscripts are some works in Danish translation, such as a few cantatas by Georg Philipp Telemanns from the Engel-Jahrgang cycle and Joseph Haydn's cantata Der Sturm. Some prints (ca. 20) have digitized copies that can be viewed online.


Image: Creative Europe

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