The Encyclopaedia of Music in Ireland (EMIR)

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Harry White and Barra Boydell, eds.
The Encyclopaedia of Music in Ireland. Dublin: University College Dublin Press, 2013. ISBN: 9781906359782

This is a long-awaited two-volume set that covers all aspects of Irish music. According to the publisher's website, EMIR is "the first comprehensive attempt to chart Irish musical life across recorded history. It also documents Ireland's musical relations with the world at large, notably in Britain, continental Europe and North America, and it seeks to identify the agencies through which music has become an enduring expression of Irish political, social, religious and cultural life."

EMIR provides a wealth of information about the people who shaped Irish musical life. There are a number of individuals who appear in the RISM database who were Irish composers, involved with Irish music (and appear as dedicatees, former owners, or copyists on the sources), or were foreign composers who were somehow connected to Ireland. We have used EMIR to update information in our database about the following people (composers unless otherwise noted). This means that when you click on the person's name on a record, you will see EMIR cited as a source.

Allott, Richard (1858+) (former owner)
Balfe, Michael William (1808-1870)
Birchensha, John (1605c-1681)
Blett, John (1666c+)
Bourke, John (1780c-1820c)
Carolan, Turlough (1670-1738)
Carter, Thomas (1735c-1804)
Clagget, Charles (1740-1795c)
Clagget, Walter (1741c-1798)
Coffey, Charles (1745+) (librettist)
Cogan, Philip (1748c-1833)
Cooke, Thomas Simpson (1782-1843)
Coulter, Phil (1942*)
Delamain, Henry (1796+)
Dickenson-Auner, Mary (1880-1965)
Field, John (1782-1837)
Finell, Thomas (1709+)
Geary, Thomas Augustine (1775-1801)
Higgins, Edward (1769+)
Ireland, Francis (1721-1784)
Kearns, William Henry (1794-1846) (dedicatee/former owner)
Kelly, Michael (1762-1826)
Logier, Johann Bernhard (1777-1846)
Mathews, John (1799+) (copyist)
Moore, Thomas (1779-1852)
Mornington, Garrett Colley Wellesley, 1st Earl of (1735-1781)
Murphy, Samuel (1725-1780)
O'Hara, Kane (1711c-1782)
Osborne, George Alexander (1806-1893)
Pinto, Thomas (1714-1783)
Roseingrave, Daniel (1655c-1727)
Roseingrave, Ralph (1695c-1747)
Roseingrave, Thomas (1690c-1766)
Scarlatti, Francesco (1666-1741c)
Shenton, Robert (1727-1798)
Stevenson, John Andrew (1767-1833)
Stewart, Robert Prescott (1825-1894)
Tollett, Thomas (1696+)
Viner, William (1716+)
Wade, Joseph Augustine (1801-1845)
Wallace, Vincent (1812-1865)
Walsh, George (1720p-1765)
Woodward, Richard (1743c-1777)



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