Polish Sources in RISM since 2017

The introduction of the RISM-specific Muscat cataloging program at the end of 2016 was met with great interest in the Polish working groups and cataloging projects. Since then, many new contributors have been trained and more than 5,000 additional records from Poland have been added to the RISM database. New collaborative projects have been started, such as with the Chopin Institute and the RISM working group at Poznań University.

Projects at the Chopin Institute:
The collection of manuscripts from Częstochowa described in Paweł Podejko's thematic catalogue (PodejkoK 1992) has been completely in RISM since 2017. In addition, contributors at the Chopin Institute are adding to and correcting the older entries and cataloging the missing printed music editions.
PL-CZ (ca. 300 records)

The historical music sources are being cataloged at the two Chopin Institute sites, the Chopin Library and the Chopin Museum.
PL-Wbfc (almost 1,200 records)
PL-Wmfc (nearly 200 records)

The historical music collection of the Warsaw Music Society represents 19th-century Polish music history with autograph manuscripts by Dobrzyński and Moniuszko.
PL-Wtm (ca. 100 records)

The collection of the palace museum in Kozłówka contains music from the late 18th and early 19th centuries, especially for piano and small ensembles.
PL-KOZmzk (ca. 100 records)

"Music of the Jesuits in Poland" project at the University of Warsaw:
As part of this project, the two historic Jesuit music collections in Poland are being cataloged. Of special importance are materials of Święta Lipka provenance, with unique items at the Bobolanum in Warsaw.
PL-KŁwnm (ca. 230 records)
PL-Wb (20 records)

A project on Silesian music sources at the University of Wroclaw:
(ca. 200 records)
PL-OPsm (ca. 160 records)
PL-WRk (ca. 100 records)

Project at the Wroclaw University Library: PL-WRu (ca. 160 records)

Projects at the University of Poznan: PL-Pu (ca. 100 records)

The RISM Working Group in Poznań is cataloging items of certain provenance from the extensive holdings of the Diocesan Library in Sandomierz.
PL-SA (more than 1,400 records)

Project at the Warsaw University Library:
The working group at the Warsaw University Library has been working with RISM for many decades. The very large collection has a high proportion of materials with Wroclaw provenances,which are constantly added to RISM.
PL-Wu (almost 600 records)

It is always worth looking at the RISM catalog from time to time to find the latest from these projects. Many collections are still in the process of being cataloged.


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