Musical Anniversaries in 2017

Happy New Year!

We start the year by looking ahead and getting ready to celebrate people in the RISM database who will have a major birthday this year or to remember those who died. We would like to begin 2017 with an overview of these people: they are not only composers but also include librettists, musicians, dedicatees, or people who are in other ways related to a source. They were born or died in a year ending in 17 or 67.

A special highlight of 2017 will be a packed calendar of events that mark the death of Georg Philipp Telemann 250 years ago. The celebrations, an overview of which can be viewed on the Telemann 2017 website, will reach previously unseen dimensions of scope and diversity of activities.

To start off the celebrations, here is a sampling of ten people (of the almost 900) you can add to your calendar:

Explore the other ca. 890 in these lists, which range from the Bavarian priest Anton Acher (1744-1817) to the Swiss prior and clergyman Gregor Zwissieni (1700-1767). Chronologically speaking, we begin with the Roman historian Livy (born Titus Livius, 59 BC–17 AD) and end with the German writer Kuba (born Kurt Barthel, 1914-1967).

Born in xx16 or xx66 (click on any heading to sort): - See more at:

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c = circa
a = before
p = after
m = male
w / f = female

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Martina Falletta, 18-01-17 09:03:
Herzlichen Dank für die wertvollen Hinweise!

Viele Grüße
Axel Klein, 17-01-17 16:00:
Hello colleagues,
please add a few names from Ireland:
- Brian Boydell (1917-2000)
– Thomas Christopher Kelly (1917-1985)
– Ina Boyle (1889–1967)
– John Francis Larchet (1884-1967)

Thanks & best wishes,
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