Muscat Workshop in Prague

Colleagues from Prague with the RISM leader Zuzana Petrášková

As you all know, our new cataloging program Muscat was released last week, and excitement for the new program continues to grow. Following workshops in Frankfurt, Berlin, Warsaw, and Seoul, an additional workshop was held last week at the National Library in Prague.

From November 14 to 16, Guido Kraus of the RISM Central Office introduced around fifteen participants to Muscat. The workshop attendees were from the National Library (CZ-Pu), the Moravian Museum in Brno (CZ-Bm), and the Slovak National Museum in Bratislava (SK-BRnm). The focus of the workshop was on the structure of the program, its functions, one's own data management, and not least data input. The new cataloguing program Muscat as a very useful tool for music cataloguing will lead us to fruitful international cooperation.



Group photo
Coffee break again!

Training in progress
The grand finale on the last day

Workshop room
Training classroom


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