Morales Mass Book

We have received the following from Anna E. Kijas, Boston College Libraries:

It is my pleasure to announce the Morales Mass Book, an open-access companion site to the First Book of Masses by Cristóbal de Morales (ca. 1550-1553), a Spanish composer at the Papal chapel in Rome. This site explores the Missarum liber primus (Lyon: Moderne, 1546; RISM A/1: M 3581) focusing on the composer, the printer, and the processes that informed the composition of four of Morales’s polyphonic masses. In addition, video and audio recordings invite us into the world of Morales’s superb music.

The physical 1546 edition of the Missarum liber primus (a pirated copy!!) was acquired by the John J. Burns Library in 2011. This project is a partnership of the Digital Scholarship Group at Boston College Libraries and the Music Department in the Morrissey College of Arts and Sciences.

: Title page of the Missarum liber primus, Public domain.


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