Looking Back on 2019

The year 2020 is still young, but let's take a moment to look back on 2019 at the most popular stories from the world of musical sources that we published here on the RISM blog. May 2020 be as rich with discoveries!

1. New Music Manuscripts from Italy (ICCU) in RISM

2. New RISM Cataloging Tools for Librarians

3. The Digital Interactive Mozart Edition

4. New Catalog of the Archivo Histórico de la Arquidiócesis de Antequera Oaxaca (Mexico) by Edgar Alejandro Calderón Alcántar and Anastasia Krutitskaya

5. Books About Music Before 1800 Digitized and Online from the Library of Congress

6. Musical Anniversaries in 2019
Don't miss the 2020 edition!

7. 2019 Upgrade of the RISM Catalog

8. Newly discovered autograph of the cantata "Die Fischerin" by Engelbert Humperdinck by Gottfried Heinz-Kronberger

9. Search Strategies for Printed Music

10. New Women Composers in 2019

But in 2019—as in years past—the post more often read than any other story, from any year, was Listen to the world's oldest piano from 2014.

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A big thank you goes out to our readers and supporters throughout the year for your contributions, opinions, tips, hard work, and discoveries!

Image: Postcard from The New York Public Library Digital Collections.

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