Looking Back on 2017

The RISM staff takes a look at the past year...

Last year, we enjoyed sharing news with you from the world of musical sources: discoveries, rediscoveries, new resources, and more. Let's take a moment to look back on the stories from 2017 that were the most popular:

  1. Musical Anniversaries in 2017: Glad you liked it! Here's the 2018 edition.
  2. Karl Friedrich Abel Manuscripts Found in Poland by Sonia Wronkowska
  3. Yet another misattributed (and rediscovered) Vivaldi work in Dresden by Michael Talbot
  4. A Previously Unknown Lute Tablature by Dieter Kirsch
  5. Barbara Strozzi: A Woman Composer in 17th-Century Venice by Vivian Tompkins
  6. The Digitized Fétis Collection at the Royal Library of Belgium by Kris De Baerdemacker Not bad for an article we published less than a month ago!
  7. Catalog of the Works of Giovanni Pierluigi da Palestrina: A New Project by Carola Finkel
  8. A New Woman Composer is Born by Nina Eichholz
  9. The Oboe: Instrument of the Year
  10. Eight More Women Composers

But in 2017—as in 2016 and 2015—the post more often read than any other story, from any year, was Listen to the world's oldest piano from 2014.

Social media highlights:


Image: Theaterpubliek (ca. 1840 - 1886) by Hippolyte Michaud. Rijksmuseum, via Europeana


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