Length of RISM Catalog Sessions Increased

We are pleased to announce that the length of sessions for the RISM online catalog has been increased: now your session will expire after 25 minutes of inactivity.

This is an improvement from the previous situation, where we heard from some users that sessions were expiring after just a few minutes. The issue of the catalog timing out too quickly was a frequent complaint voiced throughout the recent RISM survey and we forwarded this concern to our catalog hosts at the Bavarian State Library. On the basis of our concern, they were able to negotiate longer session times for us.

We hope that you won't be seeing timeout messages so quickly any more and that your searches in the catalog can now be made more comfortably. We are open to your feedback so please share your thoughts with us in the comments or submit your feedback here.


Image: Detail from Ambrogio Lorenzetti's fresco Allegory of Good and Bad Government (1338), via Wikimedia Commons.


Catégorie : RISM online catalog

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