IAML Poland Celebrates 50 Years

This week, our Polish colleagues are celebrating the 50th anniversary of IAML Poland with a conference in Warsaw on 23-24 September 2014. The topic of the conference is Music Information in the Future (Muzyczna Informacja Jutra). IAML president Barbara Dobbs Mackenzie has been invited to deliver a presentation about the IAML organization and the R projects, including RISM. Sonia Wronkowska from the Polish RISM Centre at the Polish National Library will present the digital project Polona, which includes musical sources. Dr. Artur Szklener from the Chopin Institute in Warsaw will talk about the future of online Polish music portals. We hope our colleagues have a successful and fruitful conference and of course a lot of good fun during the celebrations.


To the next 50 years!

Guido Kraus and the RISM director Klaus Keil have posted their congratulations on the IAML website.





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Whelden Merritt, 03-10-14 21:07:

I assume you know that the Bavarian State Library has a whole collection of music manuscripts from Monastery Obrensis ... some of it TRULY UNIQUE.
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