First German Performance of Matthias Pernsteiner's "Missa posta in musica"

On Sunday, 26 November 2017, a traditional church concert will take place at St. Philippus' in Munich (Westendstr. 249, 80686 Munich).



A highlight of the concert will be the first German performance of a mass in E-flat by Matthias Pernsteiner (1795-1851). From 1822 to 1823, Pernsteiner was the organist at Wilhering Abbey and later went to Salzburg and Tirol. The Missa posta in musica is a large-scale work for chorus, vocal and instrumental soloists, orchestra, and organ and was published last year in a modern edition by our RISM colleague Dr. Stefan Ikarus Kaiser as part of the series "Geistliche Musik im Stift Wilhering" (Linz: Wagner Verlag). The work was dedicated to Wilhering Abbey's abbot at the time, Bruno Detterle (1759-1832).

The Missa posta in musica holds a special place in the music history of Upper Austria. Abbot Bruno was named an honorary member of the newly formed Music Association (Musikverein) in Linz and provided space in Wilhering Abbey for its newly founded music school (later the Bruckner Conservatory/Anton Bruckner Privatuniversität).

The autograph manuscript of the mass, which is today held by the music archive of Wilhering Abbey (A-WIL), is indexed in the RISM online catalog (RISM ID no. 600077413).

Krenare Gashi, soprano
Barbara Müller, alto
Moonyung Oh, tenor
Matthias Ettmayr, bass
Choir and orchestra of St. Philippus
Gerhard Weinberger, organ
Conductor: Beatrice-Maria Weinberger

Image: Matthias Pernsteiner (1795–1851), artist unknown (reproduced in Johann Hölzl, "Kirchenkomponist Matthias Pernsteiner. Zum 170. Geburtstag," Zeitschrift Glaube und Heimat no. 5 (1965): 188.



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