Couperin 350

People have been celebrating the 350th birthday of François Couperin since January and the pinnacle of the celebrations will be reached this Saturday. We have chosen a few of the many events that will be taking place.

The conference "François Couperin: A 350th Anniversary Symposium" at the Royal Birmingham Conservatoire will take a look at aspects including questions of attribution, influences, and his contemporaries.

You can experience a true Couperin marathon at Emmanuel College in Cambridge: all of Couperin's works for keyboard instruments will be played on Saturday, November 10, at the Old Library and Chapel.

You can even celebrate his birthday at the Palace of Versailles, where François Couperin was organist beginning in 1693.

In the RISM catalog, you will find around 300 sources for Couperin, including 265 manuscripts and 34 printed editions. It should come as no surprise that over half of the works are for cembalo. But you will also find 15 records for carillon.

Image: Anonymous portrait of François Couperin, from Wikimedia Commons.


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