Electronic Thematic Catalogs

There was a fruitful discussion on Facebook recently among music librarians to identify electronic thematic catalogs, which are especially useful in these times of remote instruction and distance learning. 

In case other people are interested in thematic catalogs, catalogs of works, or simple works lists that are available online, we offer this list and welcome your additions to it. These are all included in our RISM database of secondary literature, regardless of whether the corresponding musical sources are in RISM. 

This list includes both born-digital catalogs and PDFs as well as catalogs that were included in print publications but are now available electronically.

Our list of electronic catalogs of works can be viewed and downloaded here. Corrections and additions are welcome: contact@rism.info.


Image: Digitized page from Nikolaus Lang's catalog of Michael Haydn's works. Bayerische Staatsbibliothek Mus.ms. 2989, p. 2. Available online (CC-BY-NC-SA).




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