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How to Input Literature in Kallisto

Many books, articles, and catalogues of works are already in Kallisto. If you find you have to cite one, it is easy to search for it and link it to your record. However, you might discover that a source you want to cite has not yet been entered into Kallisto. The following documents (all .pdf files) will show you how to input a new work of literature into Kallisto from beginning to end.


1. <media 221>Overview</media>: What part of Kallisto to use

2. <media 222>Creating a new record</media>: Beginning steps, setting preferences

3. <media 223>Short titles</media>: How to create short titles for all types of literature

4. <media 224>Article in a Book, Journal, or Annual</media>: Follow these instructions if you have an article.

5. <media 225>Essay in a Book that is Part of a Series</media>: Use this guide if any part of the essay, book, or series is not yet in Kallisto.

6. <media 220>Inputting Literature A-Z</media>: An index that covers every aspect of inputting literature in Kallisto.