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Archives and Libraries

About 6,000 early manuscript music works survive in the territory of today’s Republic of Slovenia. These, together with a number of extant earlier music prints, now form the general collections of the national early music heritage in Slovenia. Old music manuscripts are stored in 19 archives and libraries at various locations throughout Slovenia:


Celje, Opatijska cerkev, Glabeni arhiv (SI-Co)

Izola, Cerkev sv. Mavra, Glasbeni arhiv (SI-Im)

Koper, Arhiv stolne župnije (SI-Ka)

Koper, Osrednja knjižnica Srečka Vilharja (SI-Ko)

Koper, Pokrajinski arhiv (SI-Kp)

Koper, Škofijski arhiv (SI-Kš)

Kamnik, Frančiškanski samostan, Knjižnica (SI-KAf)

Ljubljana, Frančiškanski samostan, Knjižnica (SI-Lf)

Ljubljana, Narodna in univerzitetna knjižnica, Glasbena zbirka (SI-Lng)

Ljubljana, Stolnica, Arhiv stolnega kora (SI-Ls)

Maribor, Stolnica, Glasbeni arhiv (SI-Ms)

Maribor, Univerzitetna knjižnica (SI-Mu)

Novo mesto, Frančiškanski samostan (SI-Nf)

Novo mesto, Kolegiatni kapitelj, Knjižnica (SI-Nk)

Ptuj, Knjižnica Ivana Potrča (SI-Pk)

Ptuj, Župnijski urad Sv. Jurija, Glasbeni arhiv (SI-Pž)

Piran, Minoritski samostan (SI-PIm)

Piran, Župnijski arhiv (SI-PIž)

Škofja Loka, Kapucinski samostan, Knjižnica (SI-Šk)


The material from 7 archives and libraries has been catalogued in series A/II so far: SI-Ka, SI-Ko, SI-Kp, SI-Kš, SI-Ls, SI-Nf and SI-Nk.


Most items are held in the Music Collection of the National and University Library in Ljubljana (SI-Lng).