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Mexico: Dr. John G. Lazos

RISM-Lazos_Mexican music/Música mexicana represents the research carried on at various churches of Mexico by Dr. Lazos, research that can be consulted through the catalogues of the cathedrals of San Cristobal de Las Casas (MEX-SCAH) in Chiapas, of Tulancingo (MEX-TAHC) in Hidalgo, and the parishes of Chazumba (MEX-Schamp) and Suchixtlahuaca (MEX -SCSamp) in Oaxaca. Components of a rich music tradition, dated from the sixteenth century, the majority of the manuscripts of these four catalogues belong to Mexico's least known music period, Independent Mexico. Dr. Lazos argues that the life and works of José Antonio Gómez y Olguín (1805-1876), will shed light on the music practice of this period. Active as an organist, pianist, conductor, composer, teacher, editor (having published several methods, though not original authorship of theory, voice and piano), founder of a Conservatory and jury member of the National Anthem, the works of Gomez, like those of many Mexican and foreign composers, still await cataloguing and study. Moreover, we hope to be able to eventually hear the sounds of the nineteenth-century music that the public enjoyed in Mexico.  





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