History of the project


Decision to establish an International Inventory of Musical Sources through the International Musicological Society (IMS)


Decision to carry out the project in cooperation with the International Association of Music Libraries, Music Archives and Music Documentation Centres (IAML)


First conference of the Commission Mixte set up by both organizations. Elaboration of a master plan


Establishment of the first secretariat in Paris. Director:
François Lesure

1st RISM meeting, Paris 1953: François Lesure, Vladimir Fedorov, Nanie Bridgman, Nino Pirotta


Zentralredaktion in Kassel established

1960 – 1967

Director of the Zentralredaktion: Friedrich W. Riedel


First publications of series B:
1960 B/I: François Lesure: Recueils Imprimés XVIe-XVIIe Siècles
1964 B/II: François Lesure: Recueils Imprimés XVIIIe Siècle
Since then more than 30 volumes have been published;
see the RISM publications

1962 – 1987

Financial support from the City of Kassel

1964 – 1979

Financial support from the Ford Foundation

1965 – 1981

Financial support from Stiftung Volkswagenwerk Hannover

1968 – 1976

Director of the Zentralredaktion: Karlheinz Schlager

1971 – 1981

Publication of A/I: Einzeldrucke vor 1800 (Individual Prints before 1800); 9 volumes


Establishment of regulations with regard to form and content for the description of manuscripts by the Advisory Research Committee

1976 – 1982

Director of the Zentralredaktion: Helmut Rösing


Start of series A/II:
Publication of the catalogue of the Fürstlich Hohenlohe-Langenburg'sche Schlossbibliothek in Fontes

since 1978

Support from UNESCO Conseil International de la Philosophie et des Sciences Humaines


Foundation of the association Internationales Quellenlexikon der Musik e.V.
First publications of series C:
C/IV: Cecil Hill, Katya Manor, James Siddons, Dorothy Freed, Directory of Music Research Libraries. Volume 4: Australia, Israel, Japan, New Zealand.
Since then, 5 volumes have appeared in series C (some revised; see RISM publications

1979 – 1986

Publication of three special volumes: Norbert Böker-Heil, Harald Heckmann, Ilse Kindermann: Das Tenorlied. Mehrstimmige Lieder in deutschen Quellen 1450- 1580


Inclusion of the Zentralredaktion in the "Akademienprogramm" financed by state and federal governments through the Conference of the Academies of Sciences


Publication of the guidelines for series A/II in Fontes

Meeting of the Commission mixte, Budapest 1981: Israel Adler, Pierluigi Petrobelli, Barry S. Brook, Clemens von Gleich, Helmut Rösing, Wolfgang Rehm, Harald Heckmann

1982 – 1990

Director of the Zentralredaktion: Joachim Schlichte


First microfiche edition of series A/II


Second microfiche edition of series A/II

1986 – 1999

Publication of A/I Einzeldrucke vor 1800 (Individual Prints before 1800): Addenda et Corrigenda (4 volumes)


Zentralredaktion moves to Frankfurt am Main, Stadt- und Universitätsbibliothek at Goethe Universität

since 1987

Financial support from the City of Frankfurt


Publication of INFO-RISM No. 1

since 1991

Director of the Zentralredaktion: Klaus Keil


Establishment of a subcommission of the Commission Mixte for libretti. Transfer of approx. 90,000 entries from series A/II to the PIKaDo program by RISM Germany


Publication of Libretti in deutschen Bibliotheken. Katalog der gedruckten Texte zu Opern, Oratorien, Kantaten, Schuldramen, Balletten und Gelegenheitskompositionen von den Anfängen bis zur Mitte des 19. Jahrhunderts. Microfiche edition


First CD-ROM edition of series A/II (K.G. Saur).
New editions annually until 2008.


First version of internet database of series A/II. A joint project of the RISM Zentralredaktion and the U.S. RISM Office at Harvard University.


Publication of the RISM library sigla as a complete index


International congress: Scientific and Technological Challenges of Musicological Source Research at International Level — 50 Years RISM.
Second version of internet database of Series A/II
with biannual updates. Provider: National Information Services Corporation (NISC USA)



Database offered through EBSCO



Databased launched online free of charge with monthly updates



International conference: Music Documentation in Libraries, Scholarship, and Practice


RISM data offered as open data



RISM data offered as linked open data


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