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International Partners of the Project

Professional Associations

RISM is sponsored under the auspices of two international professional associations:

  • IAMLInternational Association of Music Libraries, Archives and Documentation Centres
  • IMS – International Musicological Society


Commission Mixte

The Commission Mixte consists of ten members, five each from IAML and IMS. Together with the Board of the association, the Commission Mixte forms the executive committee that determines the strategic goals of the organization.

Members of the Commission Mixte are listed on the Association page.

Advisory Council

The Council consists of all active members of the different working groups in all countries.

Coordinating Committee

Five elected members from the Council form a Coordinating Committee. It coordinates the work and transmission of ouput between the working groups and the Zentralredaktion.

Members of the Coordinating Committee:

  • Daniel Boomhower (USA)
  • Armin Brinzing (Austria)
  • Marie Cornaz (Belgium)
  • Ewa Hauptman-Fischer (Poland)
  • Gottfried Heinz-Kronberger (Germany)


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