RISM at the MLA Conference in Orlando, Florida

The annual Music Library Association conference (US branch of IAML) will be held from 22-26 February 2017 in sunny Orlando, Florida. This conference will be the first Pan American regional IAML meeting and many of our colleagues from the entire Latin American region will be in attendance.

The timing of the conference is especially fitting given the conference Documenting Musical Sources in Latin America that we hosted this past September. The MLA conference is therefore an excellent opportunity to reconnect with our Latin American colleagues and share information about the state of source documentation in the region.

Some sessions will be streamed online. Access to both the live and archived streams may be purchased from MLA.

Please stop by these RISM sessions, both on Friday, February 24:

Mas vale pájaro en mano que cien volando = A bird in the hand is worth two in the bush: the challenges of providing access to diverse Latin American collections

Klaus Keil, director of the RISM Central Office in Frankfurt, will speak as part of a panel on music collections in Latin America. Klaus will give an overview of RISM activities in Latin America to date. He will be joined by others including John Lazos, our RISM colleague from Canada, and Cecilia Astudillo Rojas of the Biblioteca Nacional de Chile. Both John and Cecilia spoke at the RISM conference in September. This panel will be streamed online.

RISM updates and Muscat demonstration

Sarah Adams and Christina Linklater from the US RISM office will give a brief presentation on Muscat, our browser-based, open-access program for cataloging and reporting musical sources, including manuscripts, printed music, libretti, and treatises. This lightening-fast session will include a demonstration of the tool and some important points about training and documentation.

Hands-on Muscat Cataloging

  • Friday, February 24, Mezzanine Balcony, 3:30-4:00pm

This will be your big opportunity to actually make some RISM records in Muscat, using the training version of the database. Christina and Sarah will be on hand to guide you around Muscat, which can be easily viewed and used on laptops and tablets using Chrome or Firefox.

In addition, Christina will be around to meet up for a quick Muscat demo if you can't make the above sessions.

Friends and fans of RISM might want to check out these other sessions:

Cataloging and Promoting Music Special Collections in Latin America

This session features André Guerra Cotta (Universidade Federal Fluminense Polo Rio das Ostras) and Beatriz Magalhães Castro (Universidade de Brasilia) from RISM Brazil as well as Yael Bitrán Goren from CENIDIM, which co-organized with Conservatorio de las Rosas a conference in 2015 that featured the 4 R projects. This session will be streamed online.

IAML Latin America Forum: Improving access to music resources through cooperation

This panel discussion among colleagues from six Latin American countries will explore opportunities for international cooperation and provide an opportunity for learning and sharing about the musical landscape and cultural heritage of Latin American countries among all in attendance. This session will be streamed online.

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