MMM2 is Online, A Music Encyclopedia for the Central Rhine Region

Are you familiar with the online encyclopedia Musik und Musiker am Mittelrhein 2? It is a publication from the Arbeitsgemeinschaft für mittelrheinische Musikgeschichte e. V. and as of Saturday, October 20, the first 250 articles are freely available online at

Numerous entries feature people who are the subject of an encyclopedia article now for the first time, but more famous names can also be found here. The aim of the encyclopedia is to cover, as comprehensively as possible, people who were not only active as composers, instrument makers, academics, or publishers in the Central Rhine region, but who also left behind "works" in a broad sense of the word.

As a result, a completely forgotten music teacher from Mainz such as Frohwald Thiemer, who cannot be found in any other encyclopedia and who left behind a handful of compositions, and Johann Valentin Wörner, who died young with just seven opus numbers, will be found alongside Niccolò Paganini, who gave concerts in the region and spent several months in Frankfurt. It should be emphasized that more famous people such as the latter are considered only with regard to their activities in the Central Rhine region.

Articles include a biographical sketch and an overview of works; when applicable, locations of course include RISM library sigla and links to digitized versions of works (see, for example, the article on Adolph Herget). For printed editions from the RISM A/I series or individual manuscripts, links are also provided directly to the RISM catalog (see the article on Franz Heinrich Ehrenfried). Internal links connect individual articles.

Additional articles will be added gradually. If you are interested in supporting the editors with articles or suggestions, please write to

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