Vjera Katalinić: The Sorkočevićes, Aristocratic Musicians from Dubrovnik

As we mark the 280th anniversary of the birth of Croatian composer Luka Sorgo (1734-1789), Vjera Katalinić, the director of RISM Croatia, has published a new book about this family of musicians:

Vjera Katalinić: Sorkočevići, dubrovački plemići i diplomati (The Sorkočevićes, Aristocratic Musicians from Dubrovnik). Zagreb: Muzički informativni centar, 2014.

The book “covers and brings together previous research into the careers in music of Luka and Antun Sorgo (and one chapter is devoted to an associate member of the family, shown to have been 'the first Croatian woman composer', Jelena Pozza-Sorgo/Pucić-Sorkočević). At the same time, their work has been placed in the context of the happenings of the time, their primary occupations, and the domestic and international forces that affected them from the musical point of view.”

The book is in Croatian and English and includes a CD of symphonies by Luka Sorkočević. The CD features the Salzburger Hofmusik led by Wolfgang Brunner and includes all the instrumental compositions that can be ascribed to Luka Sorgo with certainty.

Katalinić's volume is generously illustrated with musical examples and images from archival sources. A list of works is provided for Luka and Antun Sorgo, including compositions of doubtful authorship, with references to RISM entries.


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