4th International Ferdinand Rebay Academy at Heiligenkreuz Abbey (Austria)

The director of the Music Archive of Heiligenkreuz Abbey, P. Roman Nägele OCist, would like to call our attention to this interesting event in Heiligenkreuz Abbey. A detailed post about the life of the composer Ferdinand Rebay will follow next week.

Courses for GUITAR -- FLUTE – VOICE
Closing concert in the Kaisersaal (21-25 August 2018)

Originals from the Heiligenkreuz Music Archive
For a long time, the music of the Austrian composer Ferdinand Rebay (1880-1953) was only known to classical guitarists and his works for guitar(s) were never forgotten. But others were! Ever since numerous original manuscripts by Rebay were found in the music archive of Heiligenkreuz Abbey in 2014 (curator: P. Roman Nägele OCist), P. Roman and musicologist Dr. Maria Gelew have been working to publish the pieces and make them known (RISM library siglum: A-HE).

New Additions to the Chamber Music Repertoire
This will also happen with the Music Academy for the fourth time. The music of Ferdinand Rebay will be the focus alongside works by other composers. Rebay's chamber music in rare instrumental combinations is a popular addition to the repertoire. This year's Academy is designed for guitarists (instructor: Armin Egger), singers (instructors: Alexander Mayr, Jeannie Mayr, and Maria Gelew), and flutists (instructors: Chia-Ling Renner-Liao and Wolfgang Renner).

Late Romantic - Impressionistic - Modern
There have been numerous concerts in recent years: audiences in the Altes Rathaus and in the Musiksalon of the Austrian National Library were sometimes quite surprised by Rebay's music. In spite of Rebay's good contacts with the composers in the circle of Arnold Schönberg (Second Viennese School),  Rebay's works remained in the Late Romantic and Impressionistic style

Public Closing Concert in the Kaisersaal
At the close of the 4th International Ferdinand Rebay Music Academy, a public concert will take place with the participating musicians and their instructors in the unique ambience of the Abbey's Kaisersaals (Saturday, 25 August 2018 at 16:00, admission free).

For more information, please see www.stift-heiligenkreuz-sammlungen.at or contact p.roman@stift-heiligenkreuz.at.

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