Muscat Workshops this Fall

Muscat, RISM's specialized software for cataloging musical sources, now has nearly 200 users. We continue to gain new contributors each month. Workshops are important ways of introducing contributors to the fundamentals of cataloging with RISM. This fall, four workshops will take place in three countries:

Muscat Workshop at the Fryderyk Chopin Institute

This workshop is for members of the RISM Working Group at the Chopin Institute. Guido Kraus of the RISM Central Office will lead this workshop, which will take place from 26 to 27 September 2017.


Muscat Workshop in Morelia, Mexico

A Muscat workshop will be held on October 3, 5, and 6, 2017, as part of the conference Celebración y sonoridad en Hispanoamérica (siglos XVI-XIX). The conference is hosted by the Escuela Nacional de Estudios Superiores, Unidad Morelia, and the Conservatorio de las Rosas. Jennifer Ward of the RISM Central Office will lead this workshop. For more information about the conference, please contact


Workshops presented by IAML Austria and the Kommission für Musik der VÖB

Two workshops are being offered in Austria and are being led by two of our Austrian RISM contributors. Space is limited. To reserve a spot, contact Stefan Engl (

  • October 12, 2017
    Workshop leader: Dr. Eva Neumayr (Stiftung Mozarteum, RISM Salzburg)
    Time: 10.30 – 16.30
    Location: Präsidium der Stiftung Mozarteum, Schwarzstr.
    26, 5020 Salzburg
  • October 17, 2017
    Workshop leader: Dr. Ikarus Kaiser (Musikarchiv Stift Wilhering, RISM Oberösterreich)
    Time: 10.30 – 16.30
    Location: Österreichische Nationalbibliothek, Ausbildungsabteilung


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