Moralt, A Muscial Family

Moralt, A Muscial Family

Even if the history of the Moralt family of musicians begins much earlier, to an extent we can identify Adam Moralt (circa 1741-1811) as the founding father of the Munich branch. First engaged as a bellows blower for the organs at the Mannheim Court, he moved to Munich in 1777 because Elector Karl Theodor (1724-1799) moved his residence there.

The website Die MORALT, Bilder einer Künstlerfamilie offers a detailed overview of the Moralt family of artists.


Adam Moralt (circa 1741-1811)
Bellows blower at the court
Father of Josef Moralt (1775-1855)
Father of Johann Baptist Moralt (1777-1825)
Father of Clementine Pellegrini-Moralt (1797-1845)
-no records in RISM-

Josef Moralt (1775-1855)
In RISM: Performer in Eduard Rottmanner's Die Sendlinger Schlacht


Sophia Giustina Corri (1775-1828)
Composer, singer, harpist
1792 marriage to Jan Ladislav Dusík
1812 marriage to John Alois Moralt
In RISM: Composer in several imprints


Johann Baptist Moralt (1777-1825)
Composer and violinist
Son of Adam Moralt (ca. 1741-1811)
Father of Wilhelm Moralt (1815-1874)
In RISM: Nine compositions, including an autograph music manuscpt of his Flute Concerto (viewable online)


Philipp Moralt (1780-1830)
Father of Peter Moralt (1780-1830)
In RISM: Dedicatee of the autograph Cello Concerto by Franz Danzi (viewable online)


Clementine Pellegrini-Moralt (1797-1845)
Married to Giulio Pellegrini (1806-1858)
In RISM: Dedicatee of an offertory by Karl Ludwig Drobisch


Anton Moralt (1807-1862)
In RISM: Composer of a mass and requiem


Peter Moralt (1814-nach 1866)
Composer, conductor, violinist
Son of Philipp Moralt (1780-1830)
In RISM: Concertino (begins in A-flat minor!)


Wilhelm Moralt (1815-1874)
Composer and violinist
Son of Johann Baptist Moralt (1777-1825)
In RISM: Three works for zither




Image: A bellows blower (left), etching from Bédos de Celles, L'art du Facteur d'Orgues (1776), via Wikimedia Commons




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