New Volume in RISM Series B

Hymnologica Sorabica

Hymnologica Slavica. Volume I. Hymnologica Bohemica, Slovaca (HBS), Polonica (HP), Sorabica (HS). Notendrucke des 16. bis 18. Jahrhunderts

Compiled by Jan Kouba and Marie Skalická (edited by Gerhard Schuhmacher) (HBS), Karol Hławiczka and Leon Witkowski (revised and supplemented by Teresa Krukowski and Gerhard Schuhmacher) (HP), Jan Raupp (HS).

G. Henle Verlag, München, 2012, 327p. (HN 2524, ISBN 978-3-87328-096-0)

With the publication of the newest volume in its systematic series, B XIII: Hymnologica slavica, RISM is venturing into a peripheral area of source research: sources of Bohemian, Slovakian, Polish, and Sorbian hymns that appeared in print from the sixteenth to eighteenth centuries. The repertoire compiled here supplements, in a way, the content of volumes VIII,1 and 2, even though that was limited to German hymns.

The sources are listed in three sections: 1. Hymnologica Bohemica et Slovaca (HBS), 2. Hymnologica Polonica (HP) and 3. Hymnologica Sorabica (HS). The largest part is in the first two sections, as there is only a single Sorbian source, from 1547. Titles have been given in the original languages with German translations. RISM library sigla are used for source locations. In recent years, many libraries in Poland and the Czech Republic have undergone name changes, addresses changed due to new street or city names, or the libraries have moved. Such changes were accounted for to the extent possible. All library sigla can also be found in the searchable catalog on the RISM website. Indexes of names and places, which cover all three sections of the book, also make it easier to find sources.

Volume B XIII, Hymnologica slavica, was published at the end of 2012 by G. Henle Verlag, Munich.

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