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Events: Call for Papers: International Conference Celebration and Sonority (Morelia, Mexico 14th to 16th November, 2019)

Our colleagues from the RISM working group in Morelia, Mexico would like to announce a call for papers: INTERNATIONAL CONFERENCE CELEBRATION AND SONORITY Interdisciplinary investigation of Hispanic American poetic and musical sources (xvi-xix centuries) (Morelia, Mexico 14th to 16th November,...

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Events: Taller de Muscat en Córdoba, Argentina / Muscat Workshop in Córdoba, Argentina

We have received the following from Luciana Giron Sheridan and Lucas Reccitelli (Universidad Nacional de Córdoba). English below: Durante la última semana del mes de marzo 2019 se llevó a cabo un taller de Muscat en Córdoba, Argentina. El taller tuvo lugar en el campus de la Universidad Nacional de...

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Events: This week: Perspectives on Introducing a Work Level in RISM

We are counting down to our conference and workshops in just a few days: Works, Work Titles, Work Authorities: Perspectives on Introducing a Work Level in RISM at the Akademie der Wissenschaften und Literatur in Mainz. For three days, 9–11 May 2019, we are going to swap ideas, have discussions, and...

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Events: Marianna von Martines (1744-1812) at 275

This Saturday marks the 275th birthday of Marianna von Martines (1744-1812). It is especially thanks to Irving Godt (and his book Marianna Martines: A Woman Composer in the Vienna of Mozart and Haydn) that Martines receives the recognition today that does justice to her importance in (Viennese)...

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Events: Stanisław Moniuszko (1819-1872) on his 200th Birthday

May 5, 2019 marks the 200th birthday of Stanisław Moniuszko. As a composer, he is considered one of the founders of Polish music at a time when the Polish state had long since ceased to exist. He was born in Ubiel, near Minsk, as a member of the Polish aristocracy. As a child Moniuszko had private...

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Events: Johann Wilhelm Ludwig Gleim at 300

Johann Wilhelm Ludwig Gleim (1719-1803) was a German poet of the Enlightenment who has largely been forgotten today. This is mainly due to the fanciful, galant style of the poems that made Gleim a leading exponent of anacreontics. For composers of his time, though, as well as into the 19th century,...

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Events: Conference and Workshop: Works, Work Titles, Work Authorities: Perspectives on Introducing a Work Level in RISM

RISM will be hosting the conference and workshop "Works, Work Titles, Work Authorities: Perspectives on Introducing a Work Level in RISM" in May. We are pleased to announce that the program can now be viewed online. The conference is free and open to the public.

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Events: Wedding Music by Melchior Franck

Since today is Valentine's Day, we're going to take a look at three pieces by Melchior Franck (ca. 1579-1639) that were written for weddings. Festive music composed especially for the occasion has unfortunately gone out of style today. Many bridal couples are instead quick to draw on the...

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Events: Upcoming RISM Events in Argentina and Italy

Thanks to the efforts of our colleagues in other countries, two events will enable the close study of musical sources: a workshop and an internship.Muscat WorkshopUniversidad Nacional de Córdoba, ArgentinaMarch 25-29, 2019This workshop is being hosted by Leonardo Waisman and the Grupo de...

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Events: Call for Papers: Workshop/Conference on the Work Level in RISM

RISM will be hosting a workshop/conference about the concept of musical works in musicology and librarianship. Please submit abstracts by 31 January 2019.

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