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New at RISM: RISM Survey

The RISM Central Office is carrying out a survey about our online catalog, which is available free of charge at and We would like to find out who our users are, what their expectations are, and how they use the catalog. The survey is anonymous and responses will...


New at RISM: New (and first) siglum for Monaco

At the beginning of June 2014, the first RISM library siglum for the Principality of Monaco was created:  MC-MCpgil, for the Princess Grace Irish Library in Monaco-Ville. The heart of the collection is made up of songs of Irish-American origin and Irish books. Many of the music scores...


New at RISM: Who was František Ignác Tůma (1704-1774)?

Today marks the 310th birthday of František Ignác Tůma. But who is celebrating? Probably nobody, because only a few people today have heard of him. A stele with organ pipes commemorates the Czech composer at his birthplace Adlerkosteletz (today Kostelec nad Orlicí). Tůma received his musical...


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