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New at RISM: Teresa Milanollo @RISM

Today is the birthday of Italian violinist and composer Teresa Milanollo (1827-1904). As a nine-year-old, Teresa fascinated audiences with her violin playing. Together with her sister Maria, who was five years younger, they were a successful violin prodigy duo...


New at RISM: Music Migrations in the Early Modern Age: the Meeting of the European East, West and South

The MusMig (Music Migrations) project is a three-year project funded by the Joint Research Programme “Cultural Enconters” of HERA (Humanities in the European Research Area). It seeks to document the movement of music and musicians in the east, west, and south of Europe during the seventeenth and...


New at RISM: Cats in Music

Today is International Cat Day! With RISM, you can find all the music you need to celebrate in style. If International Cat Day had started 200 years ago, musicians could have enjoyed these pieces, from RISM series A/I (printed editions before 1800): Charles Dibdin: The cat, a new song (RISM A/I...


New at RISM: RISM at IAML, Part II

As we wrote in this space on Wednesday, RISM reported on its activities at the IAML conference in Antwerp. Klaus Keil and Jennifer Ward from the RISM Zentralredaktion were present to share news from the Central Office. Highlights include: There is a new Board of Directors and a new Coordinating...


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