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Events: Performance: Musical Rarity from Wilhering Abbey

Sunday, November 24 in Wilhering, Austria


Rediscovered: Musical Tables

Stone table with motet by Palestrina in Berchtesgaden Royal Palace now in RISM online catalog


New at RISM: Carlo Gesualdo @RISM

Wagner and Verdi are not the only big musical names marking anniversaries this year. Carlo Gesualdo died on 8 September 1613 – 400 years ago. The Principe di Venosa was noted in his time for his bold chromaticisms and was a champion of polyphony in an era when others like Monteverdi tended to allow...


Rediscovered: Vivaldi and a Search Engine

Guest post by Michael Talbot (Liverpool, UK) Anyone my age (seventy) has, as it were, “grown up” in parallel with RISM in the various phases of its, and our, evolution. Especially since the transfer of the manuscripts database to an OPAC on the internet, the potentiality to make discoveries,...


Events: Concert at Stams Abbey: 3 Masses from 3 Archives

On 27 and 28 July 2013, three masses with special reference to Tyrol will sound as part of the sixteenth Tyrolean Church Music Days festival at Stams Abbey in Austria: The Spaur Mass (KV 257) using the source found in Brixen (Bressanone) with autograph entries by Wolfgang Amadeus and Leopold...


New at RISM: Consortium of RISM Working Groups in Austria

The Consortium of RISM Working Groups in Austria, which was founded in November 2012, met in Salzburg on June 19 at the International Mozarteum Foundation. One finds on the RISM Zentralredaktion's website five independent working groups that are currently operating in Austria. There are also...


Library collections: New RISM Site in Germany: Tower Library, Nürtingen

Time and again, one finds that archives and libraries with rare and interesting musical sources manage to exist under the radar of scholars. Often these are smaller church or city archives that have just recently arranged their materials and made them accessible to the public, or whose collection...


New at RISM: "Zampa" by Hérold @ RISM

Ferdinand Hérold (1791-1833) was a composer of Alsatian descent. He received his first music lessons from his father Franz Joseph, who had settled in Paris in 1781 to teach piano. When he was around 16, Hérold was accepted to the Paris Conservatory and joined Etienne-Nicolas Méhul’s piano class...


New at RISM: 500 Days Since the Launch of the RISM Library Sigla Database

The RISM library sigla have been used to designate repositories of musical sources since the first publications were issued in the 1960s. The library sigla are made up of a country code followed by a library code. The latter is formed from a combination of abbreviations for the city and the library...


Events: The Symphony and Ireland: A Symposium

The recent discovery of the parts for the first-known symphony composed in Ireland is the catalyst for this symposium, which aims to examine the context and trajectory of the symphony in, and of, Ireland. It will bring together leading international academics and contemporary Irish symphonic...


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