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New at RISM: Michael Haydn @ RISM

This September marks the 275th birthday of Johann Michael Haydn. To celebrate the occasion, the city of Salzburg is hosting a variety of concerts and events where one can hear works by Michael Haydn (14 September 1737, Rohrau, Austria – 10 August 1806, Salzburg). A new, compact biography will be...


New at RISM: Giovanni Gabrieli @ RISM

August 12 marks the 400th anniversary of the death of Giovanni Gabrieli (ca. 1554 - 1612). His music represents the high point of the Venetian School. Together with Claudio Monteverdi, he helped with the transition of Italian music from the Renaissance to the Baroque. Early on, he made use of basso...


New at RISM: New Tools for Kallisto in English

We are pleased to announce that there are a couple of new tools to assist our colleagues who use Kallisto in English. These can be seen when you visit the Manuals & Tools page, which is linked from the main Community page when you are logged in. Kallisto is RISM's software program for...


Rediscovered: Significant Bach Discovery in Stade, Germany

A significant discovery was made while cataloging music manuscripts of the Seminary Library in the northern German town of Stade, held on deposit at the Stade City Archives (D-STs). Steffen Voss, a staff member of the RISM Germany--Munich office, discovered two contemporary scores of so-called...


Events: RISM in the Classroom at the University of Vienna

At the University of Vienna, Ikarus Kaiser taught the first course that focused on working with the RISM database. Ten musicology students attended. Thanks to the outstanding cooperation of Martin Czernin, the leader of the Schottenstift Archive (Scottish Abbey) in Vienna, nine class sessions...


Library collections, Electronic resources: Digitization Project at the Staatsbibliothek zu Berlin

Among the distinguished treasures in the Music Department of the Staatsbibliothek zu Berlin are the approximately 10,000 works in the autograph music manuscripts collection. The collection, part of the world's cultural heritage, consists of a broad spectrum of composers with pieces in their own...


Library collections: A unique collection of music manuscripts by the Belgian composer Henry Vieuxtemps in the Music Department of the Royal Library of Belgium

The King Baudouin Foundation bought an exceptional set of music manuscripts by the violinist Henry Vieuxtemps (1820-1881), Belgium’s most famous composer of the 19th century. The manuscripts, unknown so far to musicians and musicologists, have been recently brought to the Music Department of the...


Rediscovered: Unknown piano piece by Mozart discovered in Tyrol, Austria

The musicologist Univ.-Doz. Dr.phil. Hildegard Herrmann-Schneider came upon a handwritten music book from around 1780 during her everyday work for RISM in Tyrol. This volume contains, among other pieces, a previously unknown piano piece, which is unequivocally attributed to the junior...


New at RISM: Jean-Baptiste Lully @ RISM

Jean-Baptiste Lully was born Giovanni Battista Lulli on 28 November 1632 in Florence but spent most of his life in the service of King Louis XIV. He became a French citizen in 1661. Lully began his career at the French court as a dancer until his compositional breakthrough in 1657 with the Ballet...


Events: RISM Conference preliminary program

On the conference page, the preliminary program can now be viewed. In addition, there is an online form for registering. Please complete the registration form. In so doing, you will be helping us considerably with the organization.


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