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RISM A-Z: Joseph Jackson (1769-1808)

Our occasional series RISM A-Z brings us to the letter J. Let's turn our eyes to the island of Jamaica and the composer and missionary Joseph Jackson (1769-1808).Joseph Jackson is one of the very few people in the RISM online catalog who has connections with Jamaica. The son of Moravian...


RISM A-Z: Joo Su-won (朱壽元, 1910 - 2003)

Our occasional series RISM A-Z brings you the following guest post by JeongYoun Chang of RISM South Korea: Joo Su-won was born in Changwon, located in the southern part of South Korea. She graduated from Chungshin Girls’ School (貞信女學校) and Ewha College (梨花女子專門學校), and had been an English teacher at...


RISM A-Z: Isabella Leonarda (1620-1704)

Last month we discussed Italian composer Giacomo Insanguine (1728-1795) in our series RISM A-Z, and today we stay in Italy but step 100 years back to look at composer and nun Isabella Leonarda (1620-1704). Much is still unknown about her life. At the young age of sixteen, she joined the religious...


RISM A-Z: Giacomo Insanguine (1728-1795)

"Maestro delle pezze" (Maestro of patchwork) is the not-so-flattering judgment delivered by Giovanni Paisiello about the tendency of Giacomo Insanguine (1728-1795) to (unadeptly) "patch up" the works of other composers by inserting his own compositions. And even though...


RISM A-Z: Fanny Hensel (1805-1847)

In today's RISM A-Z, we bring you Fanny Hensel, a composer with a high proportion of autograph manuscripts in the RISM database.


RISM A-Z: Adolph von Henselt (1814-1889)

The young Henselt experienced a meteoric rise as a composer and piano virtuoso in his native Germany. His compositional skills were likened to Frédéric Chopin's and he was even called the "Raphael of the piano." As a pianist he was compared to Franz Liszt and Sigismund Thalberg.


RISM A-Z: Baldassare Galuppi (1706-1785)

The 2014/2015 opera and theater season is wrapping up, so let's take the opportunity to combine our series RISM A-Z with a current production.On June 20, the opera Alessandro nell'Indie by Baldassare Galuppi (libretto by Pietro Metastasio) premiered at the Mainfranken-Theater in Würzburg. The last...


RISM A-Z: Sofia Gubaidulina

Today's installment of the series RISM A-Z takes a look at Sofia Gubaidulina, a Russian composer born in 1931. Wait, a living composer in RISM? Yes! While RISM has traditionally maintained an emphasis on music manuscripts dating from between 1600 and 1800, the unique configuration of individual...


RISM A-Z: Lucia Facchinelli

Today, F is for Lucia Facchinelli, an Italian singer who flourished between 1724 and 1739. Very little is known about her; of the major reference works she receives only 11 lines in the New Grove Dictionary of Opera and just a few more in the Großes Sängerlexikon.The soprano's first documented...


RISM A-Z: Frederick the Great

Music at the court of Frederick the Great has fascinated scholars for decades and a flury of activity arose when "Old Fritz" celebrated his tercentenary in 2012, with books, concerts, and conferences around the world. Work from our colleagues at RISM Germany even turned up an autograph...


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