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RISM A-Z: Robert Eitner

We are pleased to present the following article written by our intern, Martin Bierwisch: Who hasn't heard of Robert Eitner (1832-1905)? If you are a musicologist, it's hard to avoid him and his Biographisch-Bibliographisches Quellenlexikon (Bio-Bibliographical Source Lexicon). This work also...


Library collections: Herzogin Anna Amalia Bibliothek

Ten years ago, in September 2004, a devastating fire broke out at the Herzogin Anna Amalia Bibliothek in Weimar (D-WRz). In total, 196,000 books and manuscripts, including music materials, were in the building that burned. 28,000 were spared but 50,000 were completely destroyed. A further 118,000...


Events: IAML Poland Celebrates 50 Years

This week, our Polish colleagues are celebrating the 50th anniversary of IAML Poland with a conference in Warsaw on 23-24 September 2014. The topic of the conference is Music Information in the Future (Muzyczna Informacja Jutra). IAML president Barbara Dobbs Mackenzie has been invited to deliver a...


Electronic resources: Mozart: New Documents

From the AMS we have received the following announcement: We are pleased to announce the availability of a new online resource, Mozart: New Documents. The site will present recently uncovered references to Mozart and his music from the composer's lifetime that have yet to appear in the scholarly...


RISM A-Z: Matthew Dubourg

Today, our series RISM from A to Z brings us to Matthew Dubourg. Though there are only 7 works by him in the RISM database, one of those is a digitized copy of his Violin Concerto in D major, for which no published edition had previously existed. For RISM's concert "An Evening of Irish...


New at RISM: 250th anniversary of Jean-Philippe Rameau's death

Jean-Philippe Rameau died 250 years ago today. The RISM online catalog has 230 works by him in over 40 libraries. The sources are widely disseminated throughout Europe and the United States and are mostly of Rameau's stage works. There is also one autograph manuscript among them: sketches to a...


New at RISM: Jommelli at 300

Along with C. P. E. Bach and Christoph Willibald Gluck, there is another composer who was born exactly 300 years ago: Niccolò Jommelli (1714 – 1774). Jommelli was famous in his lifetime for his numerous operas and also wrote a number of oratorios, masses, and other sacred vocal music. While he was...


New at RISM: Nativity of the Blessed Virgin Mary: Mariae (B.V.) Nativitas

The birth of the Virgin Mary is commemorated on September 8 in the Catholic Church, the Orthodox Church, and the Anglican Church. The feast of the Nativity of the Blessed Virgin Mary (In Nativitate B.M.V.) is also called the Nativity of Our Lady. It probably evolved from the festival of the...


New publications: New (for us) publications from Belgium and the Netherlands

We have recently acquired four publications about Belgian and Dutch musical sources that we would like to share with you:


New at RISM: On the Trail of the Music at the Dresden Court

The following article is by Nina Eichholz and was originally published on the SLUBlog. We are publishing it here with the kind permission of the SLUB Dresden. The second SLUB project began one year ago to catalog its valuable music materials from the time of the Saxon-Polish union...


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