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How to start your RISM website

RISM hosts web space for its working groups and contributors at no charge. This is a great way to share information about your project with users, RISM contributors, project stakeholders, and the international community.

RISM websites are designed and edited using a web-based program called Typo3. There is no separate software to install. Training is provided by the Zentralredaktion.

Website features


News feed
  • Share your news and project updates
  • News can simultaneously appear on the RISM International page

Austria (Salzburg)
United States


  • Create subpages to highlight your work
  • Use as a tool to communicate your progress
Austria (Salzburg) (Organisation, Projects, Publications)
Brazil (Contributors)
Slovenia (Organisation)

  • Avoid long, cumbersome URLs
  • Choose a subdomain that reflects your group



Bilingual pages
  • Use English as the default language
  • Choose your native language as a second website language
  • Create content in both languages
  • English support available from the Zentralredaktion

Austria (Salzburg)





Website content

Take a look at what other groups have done with their website:

Book reviewsSpain
Current projects

Austria (RISM Austria), Germany, Poland (Lublin), Slovenia

CVs, biographiesAustria (Salzburg), Brazil

Discoveries or
   items of interest

Austria (Austrian Academy of Sciences), Germany


Austria (Austrian Academy of Sciences), Austria (Salzburg), Korea

Library descriptions, progress   reports

Germany, Slovenia

Links to external project sites

Ireland, United Kingdom, United States

Logos of sponsoring

Korea, Switzerland
PicturesAustria (Salzburg)

Austria (Salzburg), Austria (RISM Tyrol-South Tyrol & OFM Austria), Germany


Let us know what you are working on!

Getting started

1. Look around the example pages and decide what you want.

2. Send to Jennifer Ward (jennifer.ward@rism.info):

  • The languages you want for your site (English and a second language)
  • A suggestion for a URL
  • A brief project description (1 paragraph) in English and the second language
  • Contact information that we can publish

3.  A Typo3 account will be set up for you

4. Schedule a Skype training session

5. Start adding content!