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These tutorials are designed to give you an overview of Kallisto.
For best quality, view the tutorials in 1080p. English subtitles are available.

Tutorial 1 

Selecting a file to work in; selecting what work mode to use. Searching in Kallisto. 

Tutorial 2

Different search strategies.

Tutorial 3

Beginning a Record
First 3 tabs: "Work," "Title, Date," and "Instrumentation, Remarks." 

Example: Perez, "Figlio mi sento"
Record in online catalog


To continue the record, consult Tutorial 4a, 4b, or 4c, depending on what type of source you have:

Tutorial 4a

 Physical Description—Score 

Example: Perez (continued)

Tutorial 4b

 Physical Description—Parts

Example: Anonymous hymn
Record in online catalog

Tutorial 4c

 Physical Description—Score & Parts 

Example: "Veritas mea"
Record in online catalog

Tutorial 5

 Entering incipits using the Plaine & Easie code. 

Example: Perez (conclusion)

Special topics

This section will give you insight into special aspects of working with Kallisto.

Incipit searches

Who is "Anonymous"? (video): If you have an anonymous piece, please use the online catalog's incipit search first to try to identify the composer.

You can also search by rhythm in Kallisto. See the guide here (PDF). 

You also might find a match in the RISM Switzerland database  (click on Incipits)