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21.Jun.2015 09:00

IAML/IMS Congress: Music Research in the Digital Age

The 2015 IAML congress will take ...


22.Jun.2015 18:30

IAML Congress: Circle Line Cruise Reception

Circle Line Cruise Reception around ...


23.Jun.2015 14:00

IAML Congress: RISM Libretti

Open sessionChairs: Klaus Keil (RISM ...



New at RISM: Pilotprojekt Wasserzeichen-Beschreibung in Kooperation mit WZIS

in der RISM-Arbeitsstelle Dresden


New publications: “Catalog of the Music of the Diocese of Würzburg” published

Dieter Kirsch has compiled a three-volume catalog and received a citation (Ehrennadel) from the Diocese of Würzburg


Library collections: Historical Schott Archive Acquired by State Libraries in Berlin and Munich and Six Research Institutions

Led by an initiative of the Bavarian State Library and the Cultural Foundation of the German Federal States, a consortium of buyers has succeeded in acquiring the historical archive of the Schott Verlag in Mainz. Numerous sponsors and the research institutions supported the entire purchase.

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